Thursday, May 29, 2014

Last day of Kindergarten!

Julianne had her last day of Kindergarten today.  Shaun and I are out of town which just breaks my heart.  We hadn't planned on being out of town on the last day but school got extended because of all the snow we got this year.  So, we had already purchased our tickets to Las Vegas for a medical conference that Shaun is attending.  I felt awful for not being there on her last day but she didn't seem to care.  Both of my parents went so she was happy!

This is Julianne's teacher, Mrs. Culver.  She loves Mrs. Culver.  Julianne has learned so much this year.  Mrs. Culver has been great to us through the difficult year we've had due to my treatments, surgeries, etc.  She's been so great.  We are blessed to have people like this loving on our girl.  Julianne cried when she said goodbye to her.  
 Julianne with two of her sweet friends (and Claire)!
 How is Kindergarten over?  That happened in the blink of an eye.
 Group selfie with my parents!
 Sweet girls!
That's a wrap on Kindergarten!

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Krish Banzet said...

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